Mechelany Advisors Monthly Membership

$99.00 / month with a 14-day free trial


Enjoy a Full Access to:

– our full RESEARCH Service (200+ publications per year)

– our WEEKLY MARKET REVIEW (every Sunday, straight to your mailbox)

– our WEEKLY CHARTING THE MARKETS (our in-depth technical analysis, with 45 pages and 80 graphs every week)


– our MODEL PORTFOLIO (+228% or +22.7% per annum since 2014)

TRY IT OUT FOR FREE –  ONE single Trade will pay for the full service

Enjoy a Full Access to:

  • our full RESEARCH Service
  • our MODEL PORTFOLIO (+228% or +23.3% per annum since 2014)

Economic & Political Research, Fundamental and Technical Analysis

Be better equipped with our exhaustive, out-of the box financial and political research, macroeconomic research, technical analysis, special reports, and weekly market comments.

Every year, you will be granted access to more than 200 exclusive publications and articles to help you elaborate a confident investment strategy and boost your pension fund.

Weekly Market Review

Every week, our 30 page publication reviews the four major asset classes and deals with the significant issues of the moment. An addictive publication to keep the pulse on the financial markets.

Charting the Markets

Every week, our 45 page and 80 graphs publication reviews the technical situation the major asset classes and indexes around the world, helping you make timing decisions on when to BUY, when to SELL and when to AVOID.

Investment Ideas

Get our Investment Ideas straight out of the oven.
You will make your subscription fee back in ONE single trade.

Mechelany Advisor’s does a lot of background work on individual investment screening and selection, including fundamental analysis, industrial trends, financial valuation, technical analysis and flow of funds before coming to investment decisions.

Our multi-layered investment process narrows our investment universe to the asset classes, countries, industrial sectors and individual investments that offer the best risk-reward ratios according to our models.

Model Portfolio

Mechelany Advisors’ MODEL PORTFOLIO achieved returns of + 30 % in the eight months of 2019, + 32.28 % in 2017 and a compounded performance  of + 22.7 % per annum since 2014.

As a member, you will receive a weekly update of our Model Portfolio in full transparency, listing the transactions effected, detailed investments, Asset allocation and our comments on why changes are being made in the portfolio.


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